Matthew Bullock

About me

I'm a Web Developer from New Zealand currently based in London, Uk.

I have experience working in both Government and Commercial environments and have been developing websites for the past 3 years.

Building websites is a passion of mine, so if you are a small business that is in need of a website, but can't afford the prices that a web agency will offer you, then email me here: matthewbullockdev@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


A list of some of the features my websites will provide you.


Your website will be fully responsive.

This means that the website I build for you, will have custom design for laptops, mobiles and tablets.

If someone finds your site on their phone, they won't have to navigate through a site built for a desktop. Instead the site will be stripped down and simplier, making it easier to navigate for the phones smaller screen.

You can try it yourself too. On this site, try minimizing the browser screen, and notice how the content and the navigation bar automaitcally re-aligns itself depending on the size of the browser.

Now look at this old site, and see how as your screen gets smaller, you have to now scroll sideways and around to navigate the page.


What will the process be?

I like the process of building a website to be as collaborative as possible. No point in me going off and building this thing, and showing you at the end only to find out you hate it (which you won't - trust me).

Therefore, in our initial meeting, I will take you through a range of different types/styles of websites, and I can get an idea of what you want. Then I will set up weekly/fortnightly meetings with you (skype or in person) to show what has been done, and you can tell me what you like (everything) and what you don't like (nothing). From your feedback, I can go ahead and apply the new changes and we will repeat this process until both parties are happy.

You mention different types of websites? What are they?


There are many different types of websites for different types of businesses. For example, a shop selling goods will need a e-commerce website that allows users to make purchases wheras a restaurant will simply only need an informational website that displays information to customers e.g. their menu

A list of the different types of websites I can offer:

  • Personal Website - Great if you are an individual contractor or freelancer. These websites normally have a short bio and information regarding your services.
  • Blogging Website - Going travelling? Or just want to keep people updated about something in particular? Then a blogging website is for you. Blogs are a great way of keeping people updated in the events of your company/business
  • E-commerce Website - If you own a shop and want to reach a wider audience, then going online is a great way to do it.
  • Informational Websites - These websites aim at providing information the the audience about either a company or a particular thing. Even though it sounds boring, it can be done in a bold/fun way.

Do I have to contact you everytime I want to change content?

Not at all. The websites I build use what is called a Content Management System (CMS). This will allow you to log-in to the website and change content and create new pages.

By giving you the ability to change your content, it means you don't have to rely on me. For example, if you want to get information on your website quickly without the hassle of waiting for me to do it myself.

Get in touch



If you would like to enquire about getting a website built for personal or commercial use, then please feel free to contact me by using the form provided, or alernatively with one of the below methods.